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For over a decade, Varsity Logistics has been established as a leading provider of multi-carrier transportation management systems catering to enterprises operating on IBM i (AS/400) Power systems. Businesses leveraging VAI S2K can benefit from a streamlined, pre-built integration for customers requiring outbound shipping services for 100 or more packages a day. As the preferred shipping software partner of VAI, S2K users are now empowered to utilize a unified system for seamless shipping operations with any parcel or LTL carrier.

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What benefits can Varsity Logistics provide to VAI S2K users with this direct access integration?

  • Business Rule Automations: Carrier selection based on business rules
  • Unified Platform: Allows multi-carrier shipping from within S2K (parcel & LTL)
  • Verified Integration: Proven, pre-written integration between Varsity and S2K
  • Expanded Visibility: Detailed shipment information provides enhanced visibility of shipment status
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